Government Of Sharjah Directorate Of Human Resources

Government Of Sharjah Directorate Of Human Resources

Welcome to our blog post all about the Government of Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources! As one of the most vital departments in the United Arab Emirates, this directorate is responsible for managing and developing talent within the government sector. From hiring top-tier employees to offering training programs and benefits packages, there’s no doubt that this team plays a critical role in shaping the future of Sharjah. So whether you’re a job seeker or simply curious about how HR works within government organizations, keep reading to learn more about what makes this particular department stand out from the rest.

Overview of the Government of Sharjah

The Government of Sharjah is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. The monarch, Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, is the head of state and exercises executive authority through the Minister of Interior. The unicameral Majlis al-Shura (Legislative Council) is responsible for proposing laws and conducting investigations into alleged irregularities. The judiciary is independent. In 2008, the government introduced a new labor law that provides for increased rights for foreign workers in the emirate.

The Directorate of Human Resources

The Directorate of Human Resources is responsible for the overall management and administration of human resources functions in the government of Sharjah. The directorate oversees employee benefits, compensation and payroll, labor relations, recruitment and staffing, and records and archives. In addition to its administrative duties, the directorate also provides support to government agencies in their human resources needs.

The Department of Labour

The Department of Labour is responsible for enforcing labour laws in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition to regulating wages, hours, and working conditions, the department monitors violations of labour laws and takes appropriate action. The department also offers training and technical assistance to businesses on how to comply with labour regulations.

The department operates through district labour offices, which are located in all Abu Dhabi Emirate municipalities. Labor offices provide a variety of services, including issuing work permits and licenses, investigating worker complaints, providing mediation and arbitration services, and assisting businesses with implementing occupational safety and health regulations.

The department has several divisions that carry out its duties: the Employment Administration Division; the Labour Inspection Department; the Technical Support Division; and the Social Security Department. Each division is headed by a director general.

The Department of Social Affairs

The Department of Social Affairs is responsible for the administration and regulation of social welfare in Sharjah. It also oversees the operations of social services, including health, education, and employment. The department is headed by a directorate general, who reports to the governor of Sharjah.

The Department of Women’s Affairs

The Department of Women’s Affairs is responsible for overseeing the welfare of women and girls in the Emirate of Sharjah. It offers a range of services, including health, education, employment and social programs. The department also oversees women’s rights and gender equality issues.

Government Of Sharjah Directorate Of Human Resources

Overview of the Government of Sharjah’s Emigration and Immigration Policies

Sharjah is an emirate located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. The government of Sharjah is headed by Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, who has been the ruler of Sharjah since 2004. The Directorate of Human Resources oversees all aspects of immigration and emigration in the emirate.

In order to be eligible for residency or citizenship in Sharjah, an individual must meet several requirements, including having a valid visa or residence permit from the UAE and being able to demonstrate that they have a job and are financially stable. There are also restrictions on who can immigrate to Sharjah, with most entries being restricted to family members of Emirati citizens and workers employed by government institutions or businesses.

The Directorate of Human Resources maintains a database of all registered immigrants and refugees in the emirate. This database includes information on each individual’s name, date of birth, ID number, address, telephone number, employer and type of visa/residence permit they hold. The Directorate also maintains a record of all permits issued for residency or citizenship in the emirate.

The Directorate of Human Resources provides information about immigration and emigration policies and procedures to individuals who need it. It also provides support services such as translation services and financial assistance for individuals who need it during their application process.


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